You like paella?
Millions of people too!

Open your own Paellitas Tradición and join one of the franchises with the greatest international projection. 100% Valencian, authentically Mediterranean, respecting the quality and tradition of the land.

Shopping center

Constant training

Communication and marketing

Constant assistance and support

The story of PAELLITAS TRADICIÓN begins in 2021, with the Valencian chef Iván González, who decides to give a twist to a dish as traditional and Spanish as paella. Iván talks with Pablo Pérez-Arauna and together they create this new concept. On the one hand, Iván provides all his creativity and operations, and on the other, Pablo provides structure and organization.

The style of the PAELLITAS TRADICIÓN® restaurants also nods to the Mediterranean area with blue colors that remind you of the sea, the use of wood to create a cozy atmosphere and esparto grass details to transport you to the most coastal area.


It includes the use and exploitation of the brand, as well as access to the knowledge and experience accumulated by Paellitas Tradición, the necessary operating manuals and complete training for the opening process. 

The royalty is 5% on net sales of monthly billing + 2% for marketing investment.

Local from 100m2 + Terrace

We provide all our franchisees with access to our purchasing center, ongoing training, marketing and communication support, and 360° assistance.